Getting Started with FOSSology
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The FOSSology Toolset

FOSSology is a framework for software analysis tools. The current FOSSology tools can:

Find license references in software
Browse uploaded file hierarchies
Find copyrights, url's and email addresses
Classify licenses into user definable categories (aka buckets)
Browse package (rpm, apt) metadata

FOSSology's Graphical User Interface

This website is an interface into the FOSSology project. With it, you can:

Upload files to analyze.
Unpack and store the data within the files for analysis.
Invoke specialized agents to scan and analyze the files.
Store and display the analyzed results.

How to Begin

The menu at the top contains all the primary capabilities of FOSSology. Most functions require you to log in before they can be accessed. The following functions are available without logging in:

Login: If you log in, you can access additional capabilities. Depending on your account's access rights,
you may be able to upload files, schedule analysis tasks, or even add new users.

Inside FOSSology

Some parts of FOSSology helpful to know about are:

Software Repository - Stores files uploaded for analysis.
Database - Stores user accounts, file information, and analysis results.
Agents - Perform analysis of files and data found in the Software Repository and Database.
Scheduler - Runs the agents, making efficient use of available resources.
Web GUI ­ - Provides user access to FOSSology.
Command line utilities ­ - Provides scripting access to FOSSology.

Need Some Help?

Now that you've been introduced to Fossology, try exploring it!
The following resources will provide additional help and information:

FOSSology web site - Where you can find more information and get help on FOSSology.